Secretary Kerry: Put an American framework on the table

At the deadline, peace talks are stalled.

We've been here before--peace talks break down and both sides rush to blame the other, exerting as much energy on the blame game as on peace talks themselves.

If we want a different result this time, we need to try something new. That's why we're asking Secretary Kerry to put forward an American framework for a two-state solution.

The framework will either provide a frame of reference for continued negotiations or force the two sides to make it clear what they're rejecting.

A number of prominent experts have advocated this path, and we believe it's the last, best chance of avoiding a breakdown and a return to violence and reprisals.

Act now. Tell Secretary Kerry to put a US framework on the table.

Secretary Kerry:

We commend you on your tireless efforts to achieve a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. With those efforts at a critical juncture, we urge you to put forward a set of American parameters for resolving the core issues of the conflict and to ask the parties to continue negotiations to finalize an agreement based on those principles.

As you have said, the basic outline of an agreement has been known for years. So let's put it in writing and provide the sides with a frame of reference or force them to acknowledge what they're rejecting:

1. Borders based on pre-1967 lines with limited, agreed-upon land swaps of equivalent size and quality.

2. Robust security provisions and guarantees from the parties, as well as international partners including the United States.

3. Compensation to Israeli settlers who relocate to within the future border of Israel to make peace possible.

4. Options for Palestinian refugees including settlement in the future state of Palestine or third countries, compensation and a symbolic level of family reunification in Israel itself.

5. Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestinian neighborhoods as the capital of the future state of Palestine. Holy sites would be protected under international law and accessible to all.

6. Recognition of the right of the Jewish people to statehood and the recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to statehood, without prejudice to the equal rights of the parties' respective citizens.

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