Tell Congress: Bring Them Home

Dear senators,

For the families and loved ones of Israelis and foreign nationals taken hostage by Hamas terrorists, the pain, fear and horror of the heinous October 7 attacks have been unrelenting.

We were deeply grateful for the week-long humanitarian pause that brought the release of over 100 hostages. Yet still, we know that many more families wake up uncertain if their loved ones are safe or alive – or if they’ll ever see them again.

Even in the midst of this greater conflict, we urge senators to keep the safety of the hostages in the forefront of their decision-making. Every effort must be made to guarantee their safety and secure their release – including engaging with and supporting the efforts of the US government, mediating states and humanitarian organizations working to secure their release.

We urge senators to continue to make the safe return of the hostages a high-priority matter in all meetings with the Biden administration and other interlocutors, and to strongly consider the impact that any US policies and actions may have on the safety of hostages. We urge all senators to listen to, engage with, fully support and inform the families of those taken hostage.

Together, we must work to bring them home.

Yours sincerely,
The undersigned

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