Rise to the Moment: Join J Street’s 2018 Action Team

Are you ready to channel your energy, your anger and your passion into the fight for political change in the Trump era? J Street’s 2018 Action Team will be on the front lines of the struggle - working to build a bulwark in Congress against actions by the Trump administration that undermine our diplomacy-first agenda and our Jewish and democratic values.

In the lead up to the midterm elections, 2018 Action Teams will:

  1. Support campaigns in competitive districts across the country to ensure that the House of Representatives elected in 2018 will have a majority prepared to fight for our values and policy goals.
  2. Make our voices heard louder than ever before in the current Congress, urging our elected officials to stand up to the Trump administration.
  3. Grow J Street’s participation in local rallies and events, demonstrating how the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement can play an important part in the coalition of organizations and activists working for a better future.

We need you on the 2018 Action Team! Let us know how you can contribute to the fight:

    Not ? Click here.
    I’d like to join meetings with prospective Congressional candidates in my region.
    I’ll help campaign for a candidate in a competitive race.
    I’ll join the advocacy network for my Senators and Representative.
    I’d like to take part in in-district advocacy meetings with my representatives.
    I’ll represent J Street at congressional town halls.
    I’ll help represent J Street at rallies, marches and other important gatherings in my community.
    I'll represent J Street at candidate forums and debates by asking questions about the issues of key importance to our movement.