The US Shouldn't Block Palestinians From UN Jobs Just Because They're Palestinian

Tell Amb. Nikki Haley to reverse her discriminatory policy against Palestinians at the United Nations.

The world was stunned in February when Ambassador Nikki Haley made it clear she was blocking the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad to a United Nations post solely because he was Palestinian.

Under questioning from Rep. David Price this week, Amb. Haley took it a step further, outrageously pledging to block any Palestinian from serving in senior United Nations positions, no matter their qualifications. It's an indefensible, discriminatory policy.

Haley's aim to combat the anti-Israel bias of some UN bodies is admirable. But it won't be accomplished by imposing anti-Palestinian policies. It certainly won't be accomplished by shutting out widely respected Palestinians like Fayyad who have dedicated themselves to the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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    Tell US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley:

    Your commitment to combatting the anti-Israel bias of some United Nations bodies is admirable. That pursuit will not be helped by your stated policy of barring Palestinians from senior United Nations positions.

    Beyond its discriminatory nature, it sends the dangerous message that supporting Israel means punishing the Palestinians. That view is not in line with the values of most pro-Israel Americans. Nor is it likely to boost our credibility with the UN members you seek to influence.

    If you truly aim to support Israel, support peace and represent American values on the world stage, you must reverse this policy immediately.