Thank You, President Obama

Every now and then, an incident shines light on the perversity of the politics on Israel in this country.

In his bid to win reelection, Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected a two-state solution and decried Arabs exercising their right to vote. Once reelected, he walked back these positions.

While many in our community accepted these walkbacks in hopes that we could return to business as usual, the White House took a reasonable, principled stance and said that it's time to rethink our approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Then it came under attack for speaking the truth.

Given the Prime Minister's rejection of two-states, we agree the time has come for a change. We thank President Obama for looking at this issue with open eyes, and vow to back US leaders doing what's necessary to bring us closer to peace. Join us:

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Thank you for speaking the plain truth on Prime Minister Netanyahu's rejection of a two-state solution. Israeli-Palestinian peace is a fundamental US interest, and given the Prime Minister's statements, it's time for the US to reassess our strategy. In that effort, you have my support.

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