Thank the members of Congress urging assistance for Palestinians as they brace for COVID-19

President Trump’s cuts to all Palestinian USAID programs and US funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency were cruel and counterproductive when they were enacted last year. This year -- as millions of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank face the COVID-19 pandemic with a battered economy and threadbare healthcare systems -- they risk fueling an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

That’s why it’s so important that after working nonstop to pass emergency relief bills for Americans, eight senators and fifteen representatives have called on the Trump administration to take swift action to avert catastrophe.

Please take a moment to thank these members of Congress, and to urge them to keep up the pressure.

The world has learned quickly that pandemics don’t respect borders, that viruses don’t distinguish between race, class, religion or nationality. For Israelis and Palestinians, this means that a devastating, uncontrolled outbreak among either peoples will only spell disaster for the other.

The House and Senate letters urge the immediate resumption of US assistance to ensure Palestinians have access to needed medicine, medical equipment, personnel and other resources to combat this pandemic.

The United States has a key role to play in promoting health, safety and stability in the region, and we must step up to meet this moment.

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