Tell Congressional Leadership: Bring H.Res.326 to a vote

In the coming days, Congress will be back in session after its long summer recess. For the lawmakers returning to work in Washington, a top priority must be taking action against the threat of Israeli annexation in the West Bank -- and in defense of the two-state solution.

Unilateral annexation of the West Bank would have disastrous consequences for Israel’s security -- and its ability to remain a democratic homeland for the Jewish people. If the Trump administration endorses such a move, they’ll help to further destabilize the region, inflame conflict and undermine the shared interests and values at the heart of the US-Israel relationship.

House Resolution 326 makes clear that Congress opposes any action by the White House to encourage unilateral annexation of the West Bank or other steps which undermine the prospects for a two-state solution.

Over three-quarters of House Democrats, including your representative, co-sponsor this resolution -- now, leadership needs to make sure it gets brought to a vote.

Add your name to tell your representative:
Congress needs to speak up now against annexation and in defense of the two-state solution. Urge House leadership to bring H.Res.326 to the floor for a vote when Congress is back in session.

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