Tell Congress: Oppose Free Speech Suppressing Anti-Boycott Legislation

J Street opposes the BDS Movement. But the Combating BDS Act is just plain wrong.

The Combating BDS Act has been widely criticized over First Amendment concerns and language that undermines America's commitment to a two-state solution.

The bill would authorize states to penalize companies and certain individuals who participate in certain boycotts of Israeli goods -- or even goods produced in Israeli settlements. It authorizes states to demand that government contractors sign pledges affirming that they will not participate in such boycotts.

J Street opposes the BDS Movement. But combating BDS with legislation that infringes on free speech is misguided and counterproductive.

The ACLU, Indivisible and MoveOn have all come out in opposition to the Combating BDS Act. Will you add your voice?

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    Tell your representative:

    The Combating BDS Act undermines longstanding bipartisan policy on Israeli settlements and threatens the First Amendment rights of Americans.

    The bill's serious flaws have generated opposition from the ACLU, which calls it "contrary to the spirit and letter of the First Amendment guarantee of freedoms of speech and association." J Street, a pro-Israel organization that opposes BDS, also opposes this legislation.

    As a constituent, I urge my member to resist attempts to move the "Combating BDS Act" in the House and to oppose it if it comes up for a vote.