If 2020 presidential candidates share the AIPAC stage with Netanyahu, they must make it clear they don't share his values.

In the coming days, candidates for president will decide whether or not they intend to speak at the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Those who choose to attend will be sharing the stage with Prime Minister Netanyahu in the midst of his blatantly racist reelection campaign; a campaign during which he's forged a pact with an ultra-racist political party, demonized Arabs and declared that Israel is not a nation of all its citizens.

Candidates who choose to share that stage with Netanyahu must make it clear they do not share his values or approve of his policies.

Those who attend without calling out Netanyahu's bigoted rhetoric and enabling of right-wing extremism will lose credibility when deriding these horrific aspects of Trump's politics.

Any candidate who fails to raise Netanyahu's demonization of minorities and entrenchment of the occupation will be missing an opportunity to support the shared values that should be at the core of the US-Israel relationship.

Join us in calling on any 2020 candidate who speaks at AIPAC to:

  • Condemn Netanyahu's deal to bring the ultra-racist Otzma Yehudit Party into the next Knesset
  • Speak out against the entrenchment of the occupation, which violates the rights of Palestinians and undermines hopes for a two-state solution
  • Denounce racist rhetoric and incitement against Israel’s Arab minority.
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