The US Must Restore Humanitarian Aid to Gaza


Eighty percent of Gaza's population is dependent on international assistance. The United States has traditionally been the largest source of funding for food, shelter, medicine and education for the 1.3 million Palestinian refugees who live in Gaza. The abrupt cutoff of that funding by the Trump administration has worsened an already severe humanitarian crisis. 

The Israeli security establishment has been very clear that the socioeconomic situation in Gaza fuels radicalization and plays into the hands of extremist groups like Hamas. That's why security and intel leaders strongly opposed Trump's cuts.

Over the past week, another devastating war between Israel and Gaza was just narrowly avoided. But the calm will be temporary unless the humanitarian crisis is addressed. 

The new Congress must take action to restore US aid. 

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    Message to new members: 

    The Trump administration's abrupt cuts in funding to the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) and to bilateral Palestinian aid have worsened a devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza and harmed refugee populations across the Middle East.

    In the previous term, 146 members of Congress demanded Trump restore the aid, warning that the declining socioeconomic conditions in Gaza could lead to further violence between Israel and the Palestinians. These members echoed the sentiments of Israel’s security establishment.

    While Trump ignored their warning, the new Congress has an opportunity to help prevent the next round of violence by restoring aid though binding appropriations. Doing so will benefit both Israelis and Palestinians.

    I hope you’ll be a part of the effort to help stem the violence. Please support legislation to require the administration to resume humanitarian aid.