Tell your Representative: Sign the Dent-Price Letter

Ahmadinejad is on his way out.

Iran’s belligerent, anti-Semitic president will be replaced with Hassan Rouhani, who ran and won the Iranian presidency on a platform of “constructive interaction with the outside world.”

The surprising election results present a new opportunity for serious diplomacy-- an opportunity a bipartisan group in Congress is today urging the President not to miss.

Read the Dent-Price letter here and then urge your Representative to sign.

Tell your Representative:

As a constituent in your district, I ask that you sign the Dent-Price letter urging President Obama to pursue the potential opportunity presented by Iran's recent presidential election to reinvigorate US efforts to secure a negotiated nuclear agreement with Iran.

Though mindful of the limitations of the presidency within Iran's political system, it is essential that we test President-elect Rouhani's election pledge to improve relations with the outside world.

Please sign the Dent-Price letter and stand up for bold diplomacy to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran.

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