Tell Your Senators You Oppose the Menendez-Kirk Iran Sanctions bill (S.1881)

This bill is not just another Iran sanctions bill like those the Senate has supported in the past. Here are the facts:

- Passing this bill will very likely derail the diplomatic process underway. Should these talks fail, the US-led multilateral sanctions effort could collapse with them.

- Moreover, this legislation sets an essentially impossible condition for a final deal, denying Iran even a peaceful nuclear program with intrusive international inspection.

- There are only two possible outcomes if diplomacy fails: a nuclear-armed Iran, military engagement-- or both. Passage of this sanctions bill makes those outcomes more, not less, likely.

This is a critical moment for Middle East peace and international security. There is no question that Congress would be ready to pass new sanctions immediately should Iran violate the "first step" agreement or fail to come to terms on a permanent agreement. But now is not the time.

Please tell your Senator that you oppose this bill.


As a constituent, I strongly oppose Senate Bill 1881, the so called "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act".

Despite its name, this bill - by undermining diplomacy through new sanctions and unrealistic conditions for a final deal - increases the likelihood of a nuclear-armed Iran, military engagement, or both.

A vote for this bill is a vote that could lead to another US military engagement in the Middle East. If you truly support a nuclear weapons-free Iran, support our negotiators. 

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