Fund Israel’s Defense, Not Endless Occupation

The United States provides nearly $4 billion in vital military aid each year to help Israel combat the very real security threats it faces. But right now, there’s inadequate transparency and few guardrails over how and where the Israeli government uses US-supplied equipment and weaponry.

Without improved transparency and clearer restrictions, there is little preventing the Israeli government from diverting American-supplied equipment away from legitimate security needs and toward actions which trample on Palestinian rights, undermine Israel’s security and threaten its democratic future.

We call on Congress and the Biden administration to enact common-sense transparency measures and clear guardrails to prevent US-supplied aid from being used in connection with the demolition of Palestinian communities, the expansion of settlements or the detention of Palestinian children in violation of international law.

These steps would help bring our aid more into line with how military assistance is distributed to other allies and partners and would strengthen support for Israel’s security by ensuring the full amount of aid is used for security purposes, in line with US interests and values.

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