Congress Must Act to Restrain President Trump

Add your name to urge Congress to act to restrain President Trump from further undermining the security of the United States, Israel and the world -- or leading us into a war of choice -- as a result of his reckless decision to violate and abandon the nuclear agreement with Iran.

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    Tell your members of Congress: 

    The president’s violation and abandonment of the international agreement blocking each of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon is an unprovoked and unjustified assault on international peace and security.

    The president’s reckless abrogation of the agreement against the advice of an overwhelming consensus of American, Israeli and international security experts imperils the United States and our allies. It damages decades-long alliances and sends the clear message to friends and adversaries alike that the United States cannot be taken at its word. It risks leading us down the path to another costly and bloody war of choice.

    We therefore call on Congress to act urgently to avert the most dire potential consequences of the president’s action by:

    • Insisting that the president present to the American people and Congress a clear strategy for peacefully preventing Iran from resuming its previous nuclear activities, and preventing Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon;
    • Passing legislation that would prevent the president from punishing our allies and partners for continuing to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement; and
    • Making clear that the president does not presently have Congress’ authorization for the use of military force against Iran.