American Jews Oppose Annexation

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Israel’s new government, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, appears determined to move forward with the annexation of large portions of the West Bank. The coalition agreement signed by Israel’s two largest factions explicitly allows for annexation to begin on July 1, with the expected support of President Trump, pending the final approval of Israel’s cabinet or a vote in the Knesset.

It is clear that those pushing annexation intend to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. It is also clear they have no intention of extending citizenship to the millions of Palestinians living inside and between the enclaves annexed by Israel.

The annexationists, therefore, offer a future in which Israel rules over millions of Palestinians without equal rights or protections. That is not democracy. That is not what Israel’s founders envisioned when they drafted a declaration of independence that promised equal rights to all.

Annexation is opposed by a plurality of Israelis and a majority of Palestinians, who understand that it would have disastrous consequences for regional stability, human rights and prospects for a just and sustainable peace.

As Jewish Americans who care deeply about Israel’s future as a democracy and a homeland for the Jewish people, and are committed to defending the rights of Israelis and Palestinians, we too oppose annexation.

We will fight from now until July 1 to prevent annexation and defend the prospects for a negotiated solution which gives both Israelis and Palestinians the peace, security and freedom they deserve.

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