We Must Condemn Far-Right Extremism in Israel

To the Leaders of American Jewish and Pro-Israel Organizations,

It is clear that Itamar Ben-Gvir, Jewish Power and other anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian, Jewish supremacists present a direct threat to Israel’s democratic future, to the safety of Palestinians, Arab-Israelis and indeed all those who live in Israel and the occupied territories.

They directly attack the values of democracy, justice and equality enshrined in Israel’s own Declaration of Independence.

Together, we must be unafraid to clearly and consistently call out hatred and violence emanating from extremist politicians and activists. Allowing this extremism to be mainstreamed or in any way accepted would constitute a failure to stand up for our shared values.

Being “pro-Israel” has never, and will never, necessitate supporting or excusing extremist visions of supremacy, domination and violence.

We urge you to publicly condemn Itamar Ben-Gvir, Jewish Power and their political partners on the extreme right.

Yours sincerely, the undersigned.


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