ADD YOUR NAME: We Reject Trump’s #PeaceSham

The proposal just released by the Trump administration – timed to distract from Trump’s impeachment and Netanyahu’s corruption scandal – is not a peace plan.

It’s a public embrace of some of the most extreme ideas of the Israeli settlement movement and those who seek to undermine prospects for a viable two-state peace agreement.

The plan green lights Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley and every Israeli settlement. Such a move would leave the Palestinians an unworkable quasi-state consisting of enclaves which would remain largely under Israeli control.

Effectively, the Trump team has put forward a plan for permanent occupation.

Far from delivering the end of conflict Israelis and Palestinians desire, the fallout of Trump’s plan could fuel more anger and violence.

As Americans who care deeply about the security, freedom and fundamental rights of Israelis and Palestinians, we reject Trump’s peace sham.

We call on elected leaders to join us in opposing this dangerous vision and any moves toward annexation that may result from its release.

We call on the Democratic candidates for president to make clear that this plan is not a new baseline for negotiations and that their administrations will staunchly oppose annexation and further settlement expansion that threatens prospects for a viable, negotiated agreement.

And we recommit to working toward a just and sustainable peace that grants Israelis and Palestinians the freedom, security and self-determination they deserve.

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