Call on Party Leaders Gantz and Peretz to Block Annexation


As Israeli political leaders are engaged in negotiations to determine the shape and agenda of the country’s next governing coalition, J Street is calling on MKs Benny Gantz and Amir Peretz, chairmen of the Blue and White and Labor parties, to ensure that the next government will not, under any circumstances, carry out disastrous unilateral annexation of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank. Our call echoes a similar message issued by a number of pro-peace Israeli organizations. Join us -- and strengthen this call by Israelis and pro-Israel Americans -- by adding your name.

As pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans deeply committed to Israel’s future, we believe that any unilateral annexation of occupied territory in the West Bank would be disastrous for both Israelis and Palestinians. Any such moves would severely imperil Israel’s security, its future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people and the future of the US-Israel relationship -- while trampling on Palestinian rights and aspirations for an independent state alongside Israel. They would have highly damaging ripple effects throughout the region, harming Israel’s key relationships with Egypt and Jordan.

We are deeply worried that Prime Minister Netanyahu and his fellow right-wing lawmakers intend to move forward with annexations as soon as a new government is formed. And while the Trump administration seems prepared to green light Netanyahu’s annexationist vision, you should know that the president and his supporters do not speak for Congress, the majority of Americans or the majority of American Jews.

As you and your parties play a major role in the ongoing coalition negotiations, we urge you to do everything within your power to stop these annexation plans. We call on you to ensure, as part of the next government’s basic coalition agreements, that no unilateral annexations will take place, and that you and the members of your parties have the ability to block any action on this subject.

In this pivotal moment, Israel’s fundamental democratic principles, enshrined in its Declaration of Independence, are at stake. Failure by your parties to secure an explicit ban on annexation by the next government would effectively grant Prime Minister Netanyahu carte blanche to implement the settlement movement’s dangerous, extremist vision for permanent control of the West Bank. As leaders who care deeply about Israel’s future and hope to see a peaceful, negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you must not allow this to happen.

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