The Senate Must Act Now to Prevent War with Iran

The Senate needs to act now to prevent a major military confrontation with Iran.

Americans know the cost of wars of choice in the Middle East. We also know -- due to the warnings of Trump's own officials -- that this president is too unpredictable and unhinged to be left unchecked in matters of war and peace.

With tensions escalating, and American carriers and bombers heading to the Middle East under Trump and Bolton's watch, the danger of this war cabinet forcing a conflict with Iran has never been higher.

Senators from both parties are working to include an amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would deny President Trump funding for a war with Iran without congressional approval.

The Udall-Kaine amendment is the best chance the Senate has of halting Trump's march to war. Every senator needs to be hearing from their constituents right now that the amendment MUST be included in the NDAA.

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