Stop Pompeo

Tell your Senators to oppose Trump's dangerous choice for Secretary of State

The Secretary of State should be a champion for diplomacy. But President Trump's nominee, Mike Pompeo, is an advocate for unnecessary wars.

Even as the United States and our allies were nearing an agreement to block Iran's path to nuclear weapons, Pompeo was advocating for military intervention. Since the signing of the Iran deal, he's done everything within his power to undermine it. As Secretary of State, his opposition to the deal will harm our relations with critical allies and increase the likelihood of President Trump abandoning the agreement -- a decision that could bring the US closer to war.

Moreover, Pompeo has a long history of expressing outrageous anti-Muslim views, made even more troubling by his close relationship with Frank Gaffney, who the Southern Poverty Law Center calls "one of America's most notorious Islamophobes." [1] His hostility to a religion followed by 1.8 billion people throughout the world makes him a poor and dangerous choice for America's top diplomatic posting.

A Pompeo-led State Department would do harm to American security, our international reputation and the cause of peace. Tell your senator to oppose his confirmation.

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