Tell Chris Christie: Denying the occupation isn't pro-Israel

Since 1967, the US Government has been clear: there is an occupation and it needs to end. Every US President has been consistent on this reality, and this aim.

So it's shocking that, at a forum of potential 2016 presidential candidates vying for the support of mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, attendees objected to Chris Christie using the term 'occupied territories.'

It's even more shocking that Christie apologized.

Governor Chris Christie

Sheldon Adelson will never listen to reason. But Chris Christie needs to know that real support for Israel means ending the occupation and reaching a two-state solution.

Tell Governor Chris Christie - 

Don't kowtow to extremists like Sheldon Adelson. You were right the first time: There is an occupation, and it needs to end.

Please show true support for Israel and the Palestinian people by advocating for a two-state solution.

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