Thank the Obama Administration for Pursuing Diplomacy with Iran

Last weekend's agreement to freeze and begin to roll back Iran's nuclear program offers a way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon without resorting to war. The agreement is backed by unprecedented and highly intrusive inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities. Success is far from certain but we must give peace a chance.

Unfortunately, some in Congress are working to wreck this plan before it even gets off the ground. We can't let that happen. This is not to time to impose new sanctions. If Iran fails to live up to its commitments, that door remains open.

Now's the time to say "Thank you!" for reaching a strong, verifiable plan that rolls back the Iranian program and keeps us out of another war in the Middle East.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry -

I want to thank you for pursuing this diplomatic path aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

I stand with the majority of Americans in supporting the agreement the P5+1 reached in Geneva. As the United States and its allies work over the next 6 months to reach a final agreement, I am prepared to defend the diplomatic progress by opposing actions that may undermine a deal.

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