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Ta Shema trip to South Hebron hills

Ta Shema trip to Sderot

Ta Shema trip to the city of Hebron

Ta Shema trip to Sderot

Ta Shema trip to the city of Hebron
Please be advised: currently, all Ta Shema tours for Summer 2014 have been postponed and/or cancelled due to the escalation in violence. Please check out our J Street U Israel Facebook page to see all planned events for this summer. Email aviv@jstreetu.org with any questions.

Are you going to be in Israel this summer? Going on Birthright? Studying abroad for a semester? Have friends who will be in Israel or the Palestinian Territories? 


Throughout the Talmud, the volumes of rabbinic interpretation written between the 2nd and 5th centuries, the rabbis invoke the refrain Ta Shema (“come and listen” or “come and learn”) when asking each other for deeper study. This summer, come and learn with J Street U as we explore Israel and the region with leading Israeli and Palestinian activists, scholars, politicians, security officials, and experts. Delve into the challenges and opportunities facing Israelis and Palestinians working on behalf of peace, democracy, social justice and a two-state solution. Hear from leading figures across the political spectrum. Deepen your understanding of the major issues around a resolution to the conflict. Learn what you can do to contribute to a secure and peaceful future for all those that live in the region.

Join J Street U for a series of day-long study tours and evening panels designed for American college students. Each study tour and panel focuses on some of the most urgent and critical issues impacting Israelis and Palestinians. Join us to engage with Israeli and Palestinian security, political, grassroots, and civil society leaders to offer new perspectives and challenges old ones.

All programs are from approximately 8:00am - 4:00pm on Fridays, or 8:30am - 6:30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, start and end in Jerusalem, include all transportation and lunch, and cost 60 NIS ($15). Pick-up location is in central Jerusalem. If finances are a barrier, please email Aviv Celine, J Street U’s Israel Organizer, at aviv@jstreetu.org. Exact departure locations will be emailed to registrants. Due to space limitations on our bus, trips are capped. Priority is given to undergraduate students studying in American universities and colleges.

Register Below. Email Aviv Celine, J Street U’s Israel Organizer, at aviv@jstreetu.org with any questions. Find more info on Facebook here.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please use this form instead if you do not have a US address.


The Separation Barrier: Security, Human Rights, and Shifting Borders

Join us to explore how the separation barrier has impacted Israeli and Palestinian society since its initial construction in 2002. Has the barrier positively impacted Israeli security? What are the human rights implications for residents of the West Bank? Meet with security officials, Palestinian community leaders, settlers, and activists as we explore this critical topic.

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Dates: June 13

Exploring Beer Sheva's Communities

Israel’s Negev desert has several communities concerned with development and cooperation to strengthen their livelihoods. The Bedouins who live there make up a sizable part of Israel’s population, but many struggle to live above the poverty line in unrecognized communities. Students live and study on a diverse campus, often turning to activism to come face to face with the issues they deal with on a daily basis. How do each of these issues connect to the conflict, and how can considering a two-state solution change these situations?

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Dates: June 19

Jerusalem: Can the Capital be Shared?

Jerusalem is holy to three religions and a center for both Jewish and Palestinian society. How do events unfolding in Jerusalem affect the prospect of a two-state solution, and what can we do about it? How can Jerusalem be a home for all its residents? Join us to learn from those living and working in the city.

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Dates: June 25, August 8

Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Unpacking Equal Rights and Equal Access

Join J Street U as we explore the issues of equal rights and equal access for Israel’s non-Jewish and Palestinian citizens. Meet with Arab Israeli political leaders, activists, lawyers, and community officials. How does the situation of Palestinian citizens of Israel relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the possibility of a two-state solution?

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Dates: July 4

Tel Aviv: Exploring Strategies for Peace

Join J Street U as it meets with different political and civil leaders in Tel Aviv to examine the current political atmosphere in Israel's society. We will ask critical questions about the current state of politics, what strategy is needed to move Israeli politics in a direction of peace, and how different organizations might define the pathway to a solution. Ta Shema will take the day to meet with different sides of the political spectrum and take a deeper look at Israeli politics. 

Please note: this trip will meet at Arlozorov Station in Tel Aviv at 9 AM. This is different than our other trips. More information once your registration is submitted will follow.

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Dates: July 11

Bethlehem and the Palestinian Peace Camp

Join J Street U as we explore the civil society of Bethlehem and meet with different people and organizations to talk about development and peace-building within the city. Meet with the leaders of the peace camp movement and hear them speak of the importance of non-violent advocacy. Confront the gender issues that women face, and how they fight for equality. Talk with students and understand how their studies are effected throughout the conflict’s many ups and downs. And finally, challenge yourself to see what it might mean to grow despite the conflict’s many challenges.

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Dates: July 25

Jerusalem: Learning About the Recent Escalation

Join J Street U for a day of learning about the recent escalation in Gaza and Operation Protective Edge. In the past few weeks, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza have been host to frightening and rising tensions. With the death toll rising in Gaza, Israelis running to bomb shelters, and calls for peace and vengeance on both sides, its a confusing and difficult time to be in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The two panels are titled "Unpacking Operation Protective Edge" and "Investigating the Impact of Journalism." This week's Ta Shema day will be focused on learning, taking a different mold than our past trips. The day will have two panels and a served lunch in one set location (TBD); transportation is not provided to the panels' location.

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Dates: July 18, August 15



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June 13, 2014: The Separation Barrier: Security, Human Rights, and Shifting Borders
June 19, 2014: The South Hebron Hills: Communities on the Brink
June 25, 2014: Jerusalem: Can the Capital be Shared?
July 4, 2014: Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Unpacking Equal Rights and Equal Access
July 11, 2014: Tel Aviv: Exploring Strategies for Peace
July 18, 2014: Jerusalem: Learning About the Recent Escalation
July 25, 2014: Holy Beyond the Barrier: The City of Bethlehem
August 8, 2014: Jerusalem: Can the Capital be Shared?
August 15, 2014: Meeting Palestinian Leadership: Visiting Ramallah and Qalandia

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