Turn the water on for the people of Gaza

The water situation for the 1.7 million Palestinian residents of Gaza was dire before this summer's war. Today, it's catastrophic.

Due to electricity shortages and damage to Gaza infrastructure, untreated sewage is flooding Gaza streets and running into the sea, creating public health risk for Gazans and Israelis alike.

Gazans desperately need access to clean water, and there is an easy solution. One of three water pipelines that run from Israel into Gaza has never been turned on. Israel could literally double the flow of potable water to Gaza today--it's as easy as turning on the faucet.

The settlements are illegal, and it's time to say so.

This is one where Congress can make a difference.
Join us in asking your Representative and Senators:

Before this summer's bloody Gaza war, the water situation in Gaza was dire. Today, it's catastrophic.

Two pipelines currently bring water from Israel into Gaza and a third--which could double the amount of potable water flowing to Gaza--has never been turned on.

The activation of this pipeline is being held up in a highly-political set of negotiations related to the Gaza cease-fire that may never reach frution.

But this isn't about politics--it's about ending a humanitarian crisis.

Please--contact the Israeli Embassy in Washington and urge Israel to turn the water on.

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