Trump Must Continue Aid for Vulnerable Palestinian Refugees

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Last week, President Trump announced that he was freezing $65 million in assistance to Palestinian refugees. The move is a response to disagreements between the Palestinian government and the Trump administration over Trump's unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The bottom line: President Trump is punishing innocent Palestinians -- and endangering Israelis -- over a crisis of his own making.

The suspension of aid to UNRWA, which provides food, schooling, housing and health care to Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East will worsen already critical humanitarian situations in Syria and Gaza and could dangerously destabilize the region. The former spokesperson for the IDF has warned that Trump's actions will make vulnerable populations more susceptible to extremism and violence.

Members of Congress who care about the welfare of Palestinians, the security of Israel and the stability of the region are fighting back. Tell your representative to join their effort. [1]

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Tell your representative:

All Americans who care about Israeli security and the welfare of the Palestinian people should be alarmed by President Trump's decision to freeze $65 million in funding for the Palestinian refugee relief agency UNRWA.

The agency provides schooling for over 500,000 children and healthcare for over 3.1 million refugees annually. Cutting its funds will devastate refugee populations in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian territory. Former IDF Spokesperson Peter Lerner warned earlier this month that weakening UNRWA could lead to a new cycle of violence, destabilizing the region further.

Representatives Peter Welch and David Price are currently circulating a letter to President Trump urging him to unfreeze UNRWA funding and refrain from further cuts to assistance to the Palestinians. I urge you to help avert a humanitarian disaster by adding your name.


[1] You can read the letter being circulated by Representatives Welch and Price here