Stop the Destruction of Susya & Jabal al Baba

Jabal al Baba and 1/5 of Susya face the imminent threat of destruction. Tell the administration to stop the evacuation and demolition of Palestinian communities.

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    To: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

    In the coming weeks, the Israeli government plans to evacuate the Palestinian community of Jabal al Baba and demolish 1/5 of the village of Susya. 

    The US State Department has spoken out against demolition threats in the past. And now, as the administration seeks to renew peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, it's vital that the US make it clear these evacuations and demolitions will not be tolerated. If these communities are destroyed, trust between the parties will be further strained and peace will become far more difficult to achieve. 

    Please use the full influence of the United States, as Israel's key strategic ally, to prevent the destruction of these communities from going forward.