Stop the Demolition of Susya

In three days, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman will decide whether or not to destroy 40 percent of the Palestinian village of Susya, leaving roughly 100 people homeless.

Israel’s closest allies have made it clear that such actions shatter trust, impede peace efforts and damage Israel’s reputation across the globe. Thousands of Americans have signed our petition asking Secretary Kerry to intervene. And, as of August 10, Haaretz is reporting that the State Department is sending strong warnings.

This shows our campaign is working. But we cannot let up now. Please add your name to our petition and tell Secretary Kerry to keep the pressure on until the demolition is averted.

This petition has been submitted to the State Department.

To: Secretary of State John Kerry

The Israeli Supreme Court has given Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman until August 15 to decide the fate of the Palestinian village of Susya.

The US State Department has spoken out against demolitions in Susya in the past, and now -- with the imminent threat of 40% of the village facing demolition -- it's time to stand behind that opposition and make it clear the United States will not tolerate such actions from the Israeli government.

Please use the full influence of the United States, as Israel's key strategic ally, to prevent 100 Palestinians in Susya from losing their homes.