Save the Iran Deal

Congress has the power to save or destroy the Iran deal. Tell your senators to defend the historic agreement.

President Trump's decertification of the Iran nuclear agreement will open up a fight in Congress with immense consequences for international security.

We need to convince the Senate NOT to destroy this deal. It's vital your senators hear from you now.

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    Tell your senators:

    I am a constituent of the senator and I strongly support the Iran nuclear agreement. Trump's reckless political decision to "decertify" it has made America, Israel and the world less safe.

    If Congress reimposes nuclear sanctions on Iran in the 60 days after decertification, the United States will be in violation of the Iran deal. That could kill the agreement, leading to an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program, extraordinary damage to our international reputation and even a war with Iran.

    I urge my senators to oppose any legislation that would kill or undermine the agreement, including by reimposing nuclear sanctions while Iran is complying with the deal.