Prevent Trump from Launching a War with Iran

Tell your senators to support new legislation to block Trump from dragging us into another disastrous war in the Middle East.

National security, foreign policy and intelligence experts representing Democratic and Republican administrations are warning that the Trump administration risks dragging the US down the path to war with Iran[1].

Americans know the cost of wars of choice in the Middle East. We also know -- due to the warnings of Trump's own officials -- that this president is too unpredictable and unhinged to be left unchecked in matters of war and peace.

Fortunately, Congress has the Constitutional power to stop President Trump from going to war with Iran. New legislation makes it clear that, without Congressional approval, Trump is prohibited from using a single penny of tax dollars on military action against Iran.[2]

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    Tell your senator(s):

    Since violating the Iran deal -- an international agreement reached with our allies to block Iran's path to a nuclear weapon -- President Trump has continued to ramp up threats against Iran and our European allies who remain committed to the anti-nuclear agreement.

    The campaign has led many experts to conclude that the Trump administration is leading us down a path that could lead to war with Iran.

    Americans do not want another devastating war of choice in the Middle East. Now is the time for Congress to reassert its Constitutional war powers authority and make it clear to this administration that it cannot start a war without Congressional approval.

    I urge you to support Senator Udall's legislation to deny Trump funds for military action against Iran without Congressional approval.


    [1] Assessing the Trump Administration’s Iran Strategy, National Coalition to Prevent an Iranian Nuclear Weapon

    [2] Bill Text