Petition: No Mass Displacement from Gaza

President Biden,

Just as Palestinian leaders and advocates must accept the right of millions of Israelis to live in peace and safety in Israel, so too must Israeli leaders accept the right of millions of Palestinians to live in peace and safety in Palestinian territory.

Following numerous, repeated statements by Israeli ministers who support the depopulation of Gaza – including reportedly from the Prime Minister himself – we deeply appreciate your administration’s efforts to secure a public commitment against mass transfers and settlements (plans which undermine both Israel’s security and Palestinian freedoms).

Sustained pressure will now be required to ensure these words are matched by actions. Amid widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure with almost 2 million people forced to flee their homes, the situation demands an urgent change of course in order to defeat Hamas, protect hostages and civilians, allow for a significant surge in aid, and preserve a path to long-term peace. There can be no permanent occupation, no settlements, and no annexation in Gaza.

We urge you to bring all US pressure to bear to chart a better path forward, and to uphold the shared values at the heart of the US-Israel relationship.

Sincerely, the undersigned.

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