Tell Your Senators: Don't Undermine Iran Negotiations With New Sanctions

While 62% of American Jews support the way President Obama is handling Iran’s nuclear program, organizations that claim to represent the American Jewish community are undermining his approach by pushing for new and harsher penalties against Iran.

The outcome of the talks set to resume in Geneva on November 20 is far from certain, but new sanctions will definitively bring the process to a halt.

Hawkish organizations working to undermine a nuclear agreement are making their voices heard. Let's make sure that the voice of the pro-diplomacy majority rings louder. Tell your Senators that now is not the time for new sanctions.

Tell Your Senators:

Though some American Jewish organizations are pushing new sanctions that will undoubtedly undermine negotiations, the vast majority of the American Jewish community supports President Obama's diplomatic approach to Iran's nuclear program.

I too support that approach. Now is the time to test President Rouhani's willingness to curb Iran's nuclear program. Now is not the time for new sanctions that will strengthen Iranian hardliners and force Rouhani away from the table.

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