The US must speak out against settler violence

Dear Secretary Blinken,

As Israel’s closest ally and strongest security partner, the United States cannot turn a blind eye to the ongoing epidemic of settler violence in the occupied West Bank. These attacks are part of a determined effort to harass and intimidate Palestinians and push them off their land, paving the way for further settlement expansion and deepening occupation in the West Bank -- trampling Palestinian freedoms and Israel’s own democracy in the process.

We urge the State Department to press Israeli authorities to do much more to confront these attacks, to hold perpetrators of violence accountable, and to uphold the principles of justice and equality regardless of citizenship.

The State Department must also investigate whether any US-supplied weaponry or equipment is being used to support or enable such attacks, or to raid, surveil or detain peace activists. The US must make clear that such uses will not be tolerated, and that US security aid must be used for legitimate security purposes only.

Yours sincerely, the undersigned.

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