Stop Trump from Destroying the Iran Deal

Tell Congress to resist President Trump's effort to end the Iran deal.

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    Tell your members of Congress:

    As your constituent, I urge you to defend the Iran nuclear deal against threats from the administration.

    President Trump has made it clear that he's looking for excuses to end the agreement. Doing so would alienate us from our allies, sowing divisions between us and Europe that Russia and China could exploit. It would allow Iran to resume nuclear enrichment at full capacity without international monitoring. And, it would make the likelihood of a military conflict with Iran far more likely.

    This goes beyond party or initial concerns about the deal. As long as Iran continues to meet its commitments, our violation of the JCPOA would be a foreign policy disaster for the United States of incalculable scale.

    That is why I'm asking you to communicate the importance of adhering to the agreement to President Trump, both publicly and privately.


    For more on the consequences of the US unilaterally ending the deal, read this letter by top security experts