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As you know, this week the United States and five other powers concluded an agreement with Iran to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon, an historic win for those of us who believe that tough international problems can be solved without going to war.

Opponents of the deal - many of whom are the same people who brought us the invasion of Iraq - are already hard at work. They are spending tens of millions of dollars to orchestrate a noisy campaign, with marches, ads and a flood of calls to Congressional offices.

We need to be heard just as loudly and clearly - because, unlike them, we ARE the majority. Tell your representatives you support diplomacy, reasoned debate and a deal that makes Israel and the United States safer.

Many opponents of the deal didn't even bother to read it before issuing wildly exaggerated statements. Republican presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham said it was a "death sentence for Israel" - but admitted he hadn't seen the text. Asked how he could be so sure, he said: "Because I have been to the Mideast enough to know."

The other 14 declared Republican candidates issued similarly thoughtful statements. And Prime Minister Netanyahu, without a blush, called Monday "one of the darkest days in world history."

We supported the idea that Congress should debate and review this agreement -- but in our view, lawmakers should study the agreement, listen to non-partisan experts and then judge the deal on its merits.

Here are the facts:

  • This agreement blocks every Iranian pathway to a nuclear weapon and dismantles a significant portion of Iran's nuclear program.
  • Iran's nuclear breakout time will go from less than three months to at least a year.
  • Iran will be subject to unprecedented international monitoring and inspections.
  • If the Iranians try to cheat, international sanctions will snap back.

Bottom line: this deal makes Israel safer, the United States safer and the entire world safer.

Congress has two months to review this deal. Add your name to let them know that you support it and, after serious review, they should too.

- Jeremy Ben-Ami

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