Tell Congress to draw a red line against West Bank annexation

Right now, the future of an Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement -- which would provide security to Israel and self-determination to Palestinians -- is under threat like never before.

In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to commence annexation of the West Bank in his next term as Prime Minister, a declaration the Trump administration refuses to speak out against.

In the United States, Trump administration officials -- including Jared Kushner -- have openly rejected statehood for Palestinians and are on the brink of proposing a ‘peace plan’ which is likely designed to entrench perpetual occupation of the West Bank.

House Resolution 326 would draw a red line against these disastrous moves. The resolution -- introduced by Reps. Lowenthal, Bass and Connolly -- makes it clear that Congress will oppose any action by the White House to encourage unilateral annexation of the West Bank or other steps which undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.

Call your representative and tell them to stand up for principled American leadership, to draw a red line against annexation and to support H.Res.326.

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