3 Steps to Secure Israel's Jewish and Democratic Tomorrow

Tell Congress: Aid benefiting Palestinians enhances Israel’s security

For 20 years, US aid to Palestinians has helped build stability and served as the foundation for the security cooperation that's helped keep Israel safe. Now, some in Congress want to cut off that aid, which could have dire consequences. Ending Palestinian aid would hurt Israelis and Palestinians alike. Tell Congress that supporting Palestinian aid is pro-Israel.

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Tell Congress: Diplomacy is our best hope of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran

As negotiators work to hammer out a comprehensive agreement on Iran's nuclear program this summer, Congress must avoid actions that jeopardize reaching a deal that prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The goal of sanctions has always been to bring Iran to the table and end their weapons program. New sanctions could undermine progress, derail talks, break the international coalition, and set Iran back on a path to a nuclear weapon. Tell Congress you support giving diplomacy the chance to succeed.

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Tell the Administration: Put an American framework on the table

Tell Secretary Kerry you support continued US engagement, and ask him to take the next step by putting a US framework for resolving the outstanding core issues on the table. A US framework would lay down a marker for the renewal of substantive negotiations and provide a concrete plan around which Israelis, Palestinians and Americans can organize. Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict depends on bold US leadership.

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