Tell Kerry: Keep Going

Secretary Kerry is currently in the Middle East working to achieve a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, an effort we strongly support. Whether the the parties come to an agreement today or not, we urge Secretary Kerry to keep going - to get a ceasefire and then to focus on long term solutions.

To avoid the next round of violence, a ceasefire must begin a process that addresses the root causes of this conflict and ultimately delivers lasting security for Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza.

An eight-year-old child has lived through four rounds of this violence in their short lifetime.

We must do better.

Tell Secretary Kerry to make this ceasefire the beginning of a bigger process that addresses the root issues of this violence.

Tell Secretary Kerry:

In your efforts to negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, focus attention on long-term solutions that will bring stability and lasting calm to Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza.

Put all the pieces on the table: the blockade, the demilitarization of Gaza, international aid toward rebuilding Gaza's infrastructure, humanitarian assistance and a mechanism to destroy and monitor tunnel construction between the Strip and Israel.

We thank you for the statements you've made suggesting a need to address the underlying issues that have led to this bloodshed. We implore you to build international support for such a solution and employ the full power of American diplomacy to achieve not a pause, but an end to this bloodshed.

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